5 Tips on Preparing Your Home for Removals Day

When you are moving home, there’s a lot going on and it can be easy to put off the preparation of your belongings until the last minute.  But ask any removals company and they will tell you that the earlier you start preparing for removals day, the less stress you will experience.  So here are our five top tips to prepare your home and make the whole process calmer.

  1. Be ruthless

Moving a house is a perfect time to be a little ruthless with your belongings.  Most of us are guilty of hoarding to some degree – those toys that the kids loved 20 years ago, the books that you read once but might re-read at some point, the clothes that fit us 10 years ago but not so much now.  We all have stuff that we don’t need but keep so think about it this way – you are paying for this clutter to be moved so do you really need it?  Regardless of whether you are moving across Solihull or to another part of the country, it costs you for everything you move so be ruthless beforehand and save the money.

  1. Dispose of the clutter

Once you have had that heart to heart with your clutter and decided who is going and who is staying, you can dispose of the clutter.  When you do it with enough time before removals day, you can even consider selling some stuff or maybe do a car boot sale.  Consider donating to local charities if this is better or if nothing else, you can take a few trips to the local recycling centre to dispose of it all correctly.

  1. Plan your furniture

Draw up a map of your new home and start deciding what furniture is going where.  You can then label boxes accordingly and this makes the process of moving and sorting both much easier.  It will mean that boxes are deposited where they need to go and you don’t have to shuffle them around after the move.  Add a few measurements onto your plan and you can get a good idea if your corner sofa will fit in the new home and all those other pressing questions.

  1. Have an essentials box

Start putting together an essentials box that you will keep with you during removals day.  This can contain anything you think is crucial for the day – it might be medication, first aid supplies, things the kids cannot live a day without.  It doesn’t matter what it is but assemble it early so the items don’t get buried in a packing case somewhere.

  1. Get help if you need it

Don’t be afraid to get some helpers in for the moving preparation as it is often a multi-person task.  And if you are finding that you are getting too stressed or time is running out, most removals companies offer a packing service where you can have a professional take on a portion of the job for you and ease the stress.