Up and Coming Areas to Live in Solihull

There’s one good thing about trends – they are a great indicator of what is going on in a specific area in the near future.  When the trends you are talking about are the up and coming areas to live in a place, such as Solihull, then this helps you see places that may be cost effective in terms of house prices or have plenty of desirable features.  So where are the spots that everyone is considering moving to in the city?


Top of the list of up and coming areas to live in Solihull last year was Moseley and there’s plenty of reasons for its popularity.  Despite being part of the city, the area has a village feel to it and is very popular with those who want to live the rural lifestyle without being too far from the city centre.  Being able to get a period detached house for under £500,000 was another big plus, although by the number of removals in the area in recent months, this might have changed!

The culture is another reason that people are drawn to the area.  There is a Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival as well as Folk Festival and a number of food festivals as well.


Digbeth is known as the creative quarter of the city and is great if you want a place filled with culture and interesting events.  From weekly street food festivals to monthly and annual events, there is always something going on for residents and also brings a lot of people to the area for anyone considered moving here and starting a business too.  The buildings are a mixture of Victorian era along with more modern buildings and for art fans, there are some famous graffiti artists who have worked in the area.  There are also big plans for the area in the near future including a 30 storey skyscraper.

Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is famous around the world for the industry that gave it its name but in recent years there have been changes that have seen many of the unused buildings in the area reborn as apartments and studios.  This means that it is a firm up and coming place to live as well as a great place to visit and house prices are still fairly reasonable.  There are also lots of quality bars, cafes and restaurants in the area so a great place for an evening out.

Kings Heath

Like Moseley, Kings Heath has a sense of being a village within the city and has a very distinctive character – locals even have a name for themselves (Heathens), though it might take a while before newcomers feel up to adopting this!  The area is filled with cafes, bars and boutiques that make shopping for something unusual or having a quality meal with friends very easy to do.  There are also a number of important venues for listening to the best in local music as well as a vintage flea market and regular street food markets.