Need to Commute to Solihull?  3 Perfect Towns to Consider Moving To

Solihull is the second largest city in the country and a regional hub for business, culture and shopping.  This means living in the area is very popular but sometimes you either can’t afford a house in the city or want to live a little further out into the countryside.  The perfect answer is one of the towns around the area that aren’t too far from the city but have their own benefits and character.  Here are three to consider.


Solihull often features on the list of the best places to live in the UK and is eight miles from the city centre. This proximity means that working in the middle of Birmingham is easy – there is at least six trains per hour into the centre as well as connections to London and Warwick and the regional airport is only 15 minutes away.

House prices here are a little higher than other areas of the West Midlands but there is still a good spread of property types including Edwardian houses right through to modern properties. The schools are mostly rated very well and there are plenty of quality eating places. Plus, the distance from the city make it easy to go for a night out when you live in Solihull.


Redditch is a town to the north-east of Worcestershire and is 15 miles south of Solihull.  Its biggest claim to fame is that the city was the centre of the needle and fishing tackle industry and at one time, some 90% of needles made in the country were made around Redditch.  It is still celebrating this history with the National Needle Museum.

The modern city offers a balance of historic and modern buildings.  It was designated as a ‘new town’ in the 1960s that led to some redevelopment while retaining historic features such as the 11th century Bordesley Abbey and the medieval settlement known as Moons Moat.

The city also has a good shopping area with the new Kingfisher Centre ranked 20th in the country.  There is a new restaurant quarter with lots of great places to eat and an open air market while sports facilities include the national standard BMX track as well as golfing and sports centres.


Bromsgrove is also in Worcestershire but is still only 13 miles from Solihull and 16 miles from Worcester.  The city offers a wide range of housing types to suit all requirements and there is also plenty of green space – 90% of the larger area is green belt.  There is also an extensive plan to build new houses in the area to help deal with demand for living there.

Schools in the area are good quality and there are also several further and higher education facilities that means kids don’t need to travel far if required.  The Bromsgrove School is often in the top 10 boarding schools in the country.

The area also has a thriving cultural life with a music and arts scene boosted by a multi-million-pound investment in facilities including sports and health services