The Top 5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids During a Home Move

As a parent with a move of house on the horizon, probably the thing that you are most worried about is keeping the kids occupied. Older kids can sometimes get involved in the process but sometimes can be a hindrance rather than a help too! And younger kids understandably get bored with the whole process. So what can you do to keep the kids occupied during the home move?

Give them a checklist

For some kids, the best way to keep them occupied is to get them involved in the process. Create a checklist for them to go around and complete in either the old or new house, depending on where you would rather them be. It can be things based on their own stuff such as checking off a number of boxes or it can be making sure all the rooms are empty of belongings.

Let them personalise the boxes

Don’t be afraid to let them add their own touches to the boxes for moving that ‘helps’ and makes them feel part of the process. Even if this means counting boxes as they leave or arrive, it will let them feel part of the process and some kids love to be involved. Alternatively, for the slightly older kids, put them in charge of the picnic and let them sort out drinks and sandwiches for everyone. This makes them feel adult and useful and gives them something to concentrate on.

Give them their own space

Keeping them away from the organised chaos that is a move of house can also be a good policy. In this case, set aside a room for the kids, keep back some of their stuff and make it their ‘den’ for the day. Treat them to some new puzzle or colouring books, maybe a new game for their favourite handheld console, anything that allows them to keep occupied without needing things like TVs, laptops or spreading out too many toys.

Start with their bedrooms

Moving house can be really unsettling for children but one of the proven best ways to get them to settle is to quickly get their bedrooms back to normal in the new house. Therefore, if one of you is overseeing the removals, take the kids to the new house and as soon as their stuff arrives, start getting the bedroom organised – and get them involved with the process. Let them pick where stuff should go (within reason, of course!) and start organising their toys and other belongings so the space quickly starts to feel familiar.

Create a craft project for the new house

Another good project is to get them to make something for the new house to make it feel like home. This can be anything from a series of pictures to hang on the fridge door to streamers to put up in the bedrooms – anything that occupies them during the move and lets them feel like the new house is home, containing their own things and stuff they have made.